All About Wifi Hotspots (How to Setup)

We are experiencing technology which was never expected before. Today we have access to various great inventions from which we can get significant outputs. We have planes and other vehicles for quicker transportation, mobile phones for communication, laptops and computers for online works, etc. through technology.

But these are branches of a tree while the tree itself is Wifi Hotspot. It is also considered as the powerhouse for these products as it provides the internet connectivity which has become one of the essential things for operating smart appliances like mobile phone, laptops, computers, other smarts products like smart TV, smart refrigerator, and such. 

Wifi Hotspot

Wifi Hotspot refers to a physical location where people can get access to the internet for whatever online activity through Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN). Wifi Hotspot can be accessed through the link of your phone and the internet provider. Nowadays we have roamable Hotspots also, which means a dongle is having internet connectivity. It works similar to a router however range of connectivity and few other factors differ in it.

All About Wifi Hotspots

Wifi Hotspot is classified into a public and private Hotspot. Open Hotspot refers to Wifi connectivity accessible to all. It is not encrypted to any passcode. While private Hotspot refers to wifi connectivity encrypted to a passcode known by the owner.

People who require Wifi for personal or official work can search for public Wifi, especially free Wifi. For those people, most cafes and restaurants have opened the system of free Wifi. A private Hotspot popularly known as the tether is either configured with a smartphone or cellular tablets having a plan of mobile data. 

Who use Wifi?

Almost all companies use Wifi for operating their computers and laptops for performing official activities. Along with companies, people use it at home for various purposes like entertainment, work, and smart appliances. 

How to set up a Wifi Hotspot

Setting up a Wifi Hotspot is kept comfortable so that every age group can use it from kids to senior citizens. Although the setup varies from the operating system of phone and tablet you use. For an iPhone, you are required to go to the setting and open the Personal Hotspot section. After this, tap the slider switch of the Hotspot which will turn it on for everyone.

You can change the settings of you Hotspot like username and passcode then you can do it from the settings itself. Now for Android connected devices, you have to click on the setting icon and further click the mobile Hotspot icon. Then switch the slider key provided to turn on the Hotspot for all. For viewing or changing the username, passcode and some other settings you have to click on the personal Hotspot option and there you can access everything. 


Technology is doing our work leisurely, however, along with it, few threats are walking side-by-side. You always secure your Wifi Hotspot and device through anti-virus software to avoid the hackers to hack into your data and steal them. Before, providing your Wifi details to anyone always verify all the factors to stay safe.

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