How to Find Your Wi-Fi Information?

Wi-Fi means Wireless Networking which is done via radio waves to provide wireless high-speed wireless internet connection. Wi-Fi needs no physical set up between the sender and the receiver. They are connected through radio frequency technology. The keystone for a wireless connection is ‘Access Point’ which is technically also called Service Set Identifier (SSID).

This Access Point radiates the wireless network which the systems such as laptops, smartphones, laptops can sense and connect to. For the same, the systems need to be equipped with wireless network adaptors.

Wi-Fi is a network covering a certain area, or in other words, Wi-Fi adapters create a hotspot for the systems in the coverage area to detect. When they detect and connect to it, they can enjoy high-speed internet and network connection.

Find Your Wi-Fi Information

There are two kinds of Wi-Fi connection namely public and private. In Public Wi-Fi connection anyone can connect to it. It is considered to be less secure than private networks. In Private Wi-Fi connections, there are certain restrictions. For the systems to connect they need to get the password. This network is used to secure everything one sends and receives.

To connect to either of the networks one needs to have some information regarding their Wi-Fi connection to know the network settings and troubleshooting if needed.

  • To find your Wi-Fi information, open the system and click on the hidden icons on the taskbar. Click on the ‘Network’ icon. Available connections will all start showing up. You can click on any public Wi-Fi without any Password but for a private connection, you need to click on connect and enter the password. To know more information about the network you can right on it. Three options will open up, Connect, Properties, Forget.
  • Click on the Properties to open information about the particular Wi-Fi network. It will list everything including the name of the service provider, IP Address, MAC Address, the internet speed and more valuable information for you to assess if you want to connect to the Wi-Fi or not. Click on ‘Forget’ to completely forget about the network.
  • In smartphones when you click on the Wi-Fi you can check your Wi-Fi information here too. Go to the ‘Settings’. Click on the Wi-Fi button. Several available Wi-Fi networks will be shown. There is a circled ‘i’ beside it for information. Click on that to retrieve information about the connection. It will tell about the signal strength, IP address, status, link speed, and security.

Wi-Fi information is important to connect to Wi-Fi and troubleshoot at times of bad running connection. Also, when you simply give Wi-Fi it’s important to know about things such as SSID which can be changed to prevent unauthorized devices.

Another aspect is the password that is needed to be a strong one if you want to protect your device from foreign connectivity. One can set up a Wi-Fi connection at their home, office, cafes, restaurants and other places to provide Wi-Fi.

For this one needs to configure if their area has Wi-Fi connections. Public Wi-Fi hotspots are available everywhere now such as railway stations and McDonald’s. It is a very good connectivity tool that is used for many things such as downloading large data, sending and receiving mails or bulk documents, watching a movie, etc. For the same purpose knowledge about the Wi-Fi, information is important.

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