WiFi Ultraboost Review – Do NOT Buy Before Reading This!

There’s no single thing in this world more annoying than slow net and long buffers. We are just so tired and done with the dead zones and delays. Have you gotten these feelings too? Being frustrated while your favorite show is taking god-knows-how long to load or when your favorite OOTD picture isn’t being uploaded or when you are not even able to listen to your favorite artist’s new album?

Don’t you feel that it’s quite unfair to have such a weak connection and this slow speed when you have already spent shedloads? It’s about time you get a solution for all these troubles and get the connectivity you deserve.

We bring to you Wi-Fi UltraBoost, the gadget that’s made to make your life easier, and get rid of your Wi-Fi issues. With this, you’ll be able to stream and slay in the speed you want and you deserve.

What is WiFi UltraBoost?

Wi-Fi Ultraboost is a premium smart and compact device which does the simple task of amplifying your own WLAN’s signal and provides you High-Speed Wi-Fi so that you don’t ever have to deal with a weak connection or low-speed internet and to top it all, it gets your home’s dead-network areas covered too.

WiFi Ultraboost

With the WiFi UltraBoost, you can simply improve and stabilize the quality of your internet network even at places that lie in the not-so-network-covered area and you can enjoy fast internet like never before without worrying about low-connectivity. The gadget is about the size of a smartphone charger adapter, making it suitable to use everywhere, ranging from your home, your office, or even your RV.

Technical Facts, Specifications and Features:

Wi-Fi UltraBoost is one of the best recently-into-market products and here’s our thought process behind that belief:

  • Ease of use, making it “accessible by all” product.
  • It provides a Better connection for spaces with multiple devices.
  • Multi-directional scanning to cover a large area.
  • Up to 300Mbps transmission rates for higher internet speed.
  • Supports WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK encryption and keeps your connections secure.
  • 1 LAN port for wired connectivity to your laptop and other devices.
  • Wizard setup which makes the installation process easier.
  • Low power consumption, making its usage cost less.
  • No overheating.
  • Single-push WPS button making the connecting to Wi-Fi process easier.
  • Signal strength depiction by LED to let you know about the strength of the network.
  • No dead zones at all at your place. You can access it from any part of your mansion.
  • Data transmission is happily faster, so no more brooding on slow loading and wastage of time.
  • No buffering when streaming, depending on your WLAN network.
  • No unnecessary extra charges.

Another very especial feature about the Wi-Fi UltraBoost is that it gets delivered with free shipping and a 2-year warranty. Moreover, the company also offers a 30-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your product or its results.

Wi-Fi UltraBoost is absolutely a gem product with all of its features. You can see for yourself:


  • The own internet can be used over several floors.
  • Setting up the device does not take much time.
  • Repeaters can amplify the path from the router to the PC, laptop or mobile phone.
  • There is no need to buy a new expensive router.
  • The access point can be used in the office or at home.
  • Disturbing elements like thick walls can be overcome.
  • Wi-Fi speed up to 300Mbps.
  • Economical price.
  • You don’t have to worry about your connections not being safe with the encryption.


Our team, pretty much could not come up with a con. There is however, one limitation though that being the limited availability of the device. The Wi-Fi UltraBoost was launched quite recently and with quite the demand of it, it’s going to get out of stock real soon.

We’d suggest grab it while you can!

Why WiFi UltraBoost?

The Wi-Fi UltraBoost Wi-Fi Extender is one the best things that could happen to you. It’s just a blessing that we all needed. Now, you must be thinking why all this hype; it’s more like why not? This device really is a bane.

For one, it just a big cure to our weak wi-fi connection problem. The traditional router can’t just cover all the areas in your home; which leads to dead network zones or weak network which provides a very low running speed and there’s really nothing more soul-sucking than a low internet speed. Well, with the Wi-Fi UltraBoost you can forget about that sorrow; once it’s connected to the already existing WLAN network, it acts as a single repeater which increases the coverage and the speed of the network exponentially!

WiFi Ultraboost Review

Wi-Fi UltraBoost is super-easy to use and set up and get it going. It’s more of a ‘plug and play’ device. You just got to plug it into a socket and connect it to the network; either with the traditional way or with a WPS. The device is also compatible to more or less, all technological gadgets that support a wi-fi. You want to get a high-speed on your laptop, your tablet, your PC, your phone, you got it all covered. The choice is really yours; you want to enjoy this virtue or more like suffer with the poor connectivity for the time being.

To top the cake with a cherry, Wi-Fi UltraBoost is not something that makes a hole in your pocket; it’s a budget friendly device with a lot of positive benefits and worth all of your pennies. The Wi-Fi UltraBoost really is a solution to your problems and it’s just a one-time investment; not like pack upgradation or all the other made-up things your network provider offers you, just to get your money.

With Wi-Fi UltraBoost, you can have a good internet connection and no dead zones at your place in just no time and just sit back and enjoy all the things you like to on-line.

How Does it Work?

 To get into the dilemma that the gadget might even work or not and is too cosmopolitan to use, just because it all sounds so complicated would be a very illogical thing.

The Wi-Fi UltraBoost is a plug and play device which means all you got to do is to plug the device into an electrical outlet and it would be up and running. Then you have to connect the device to your home’s or your workplace’s already existing Wi-Fi network; and the gadget is ready to use. Though, it might take a few minutes to connect the booster to your existing Wi-Fi network.

After all this, all you have to do is to connect your device to the boosted Wi-Fi instead of connecting it to your router. The boosted Wi-Fi would be detected once you open your device’s Wi-Fi settings and you’ll get connected and have better internet connectivity and faster speed in no time.

Ratings and Reviews:

Our team, when used the product was very satisfied with the Wi-Fi UltraBoost Wi-Fi boosters; it pretty much fulfilled all our needs and solved our connectivity and low-speed issues. The team would give it a 5-star rating.

The users too, seem to be pretty amused by what this product delivers. One mentioned on how it worked wonders at home and how she can easily access everything on the internet now, while the router’s installed on another floor.

Another user, also mentioned how it got delivered before they promised; just another example of how the Wi-Fi UltraBoost is delivering even more than the brand promises.

One user, mentioned on how it’s compatible and pocket-sized and the body looks good too and how it’s hard to notice that it’s plugged into a wall, making it a very convenient device for her which makes her satisfied.

Wi-Fi UltraBoost is something, you may think that you don’t need in your life; but once you get it, your life changed. We’d say the device is definitely a must-buy.

WiFi UltraBoost Price:

Wi-Fi UltraBoost is one of the economical Wi-Fi extenders available in the market as of now and it serves like a router, too. So, it’s pretty safe to say that it’s more than worth your money.

A single unit of Wi-Fi UltraBoost costs 49$ with the ongoing sale on the product. Wi-Fi UltraBoost costs even less when bought in multiples. If you buy 2 units, it would cost you, 35$ each and 4 units bought together, would cost you 31$ per unit; making it even less.

There’s also on-going offers on the official website, according to which you can buy 2 units and get 1 unit free for 98$, making it more or less 33$ for each unit effectively; and the buy 3 units and get 2 free units free is even a better option as it is only for 135$, making each unit cost 27$ constructively.

The above-mentioned prices are after the ongoing discount. The sale is subject to availability and other factors and the prices may vary too.

Where to Buy?

You can buy Wi-Fi UltraBoost from their official site which is offering a 50% discount off the introductory price for a single unit; and even more, for more units bought together.

The brand also offers a 30-day guarantee and you can return your product and get a full cashback if you’re not satisfied with the service. Wi-Fi UltraBoost really does come up itself as a must-try product, with all the featured; it’s just perfect.


The Wi-Fi UltraBoost is a wi-fi extender that we did not even know we needed. The revolutionary product offers a lot of benefits; main of them being a great wi-fi speed and coverage of quite a wide are.

This Wi-Fi extender-cum-booster blew our mind with its features and how budget-friendly it is. The easy set-up and usage make the Wi-Fi UltraBoost friendly for all the age groups; the device is compatible with all of our devices and definitely deserves a chance! Our final verdict would be grab it while you can, because it’s selling out fast!

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