WiFiBlast Review – Serves the purpose or Not? Find Out!

Can you imagine your life with the internet? Well, none of us can, and it’s majorly because of our endless dependency on the same. Whenever you get a reliable and fast WiFi at your place, there might be some places where the networks are hard to reach.

Thus, letting your WiFi reach the nooks and corners of your whole house can be troublesome at times! There might be an existence of some dead zones in your home where you want to stream a movie, but unluckily it doesn’t support your WiFi range! What are you going to do? Here comes the role of the WiFi Blast.

With its help, you are going to get a faster and a lot better internet connection. It is the best device that you can rely on for attaining the best Wifi Connection anywhere you are. It hails with the ability to reach even the hard-to-reach areas like your basement, garage or the other rooms.

You don’t have to count on those innumerable radio holes scattered all across your home for getting a better connection now. Instead, you can just enjoy the better internet speed with this adapter’s insertion. It will improve as well as strengthen your existing internet connection, whether at your office or home.

Irrespective of the place where your internet or telephone’s connection is disturbed, you just need to plug in the WifiBlast and see its functioning accompanied with perfection. With its signal amplification, the internet connection reaches every area with no shortcomings.

So, just in case you are searching for the best product in the market that would give you the finest internet signals, try out WifiBlast. It is cost-effective, perfectly designed, easy to use and not at all fragile to handle. Are you interested in knowing more about WifiBlast? If yes, then we have got complete information for you.

What is WifiBlast?

WifiBlast has got a very innovative technology that is accompanied by the capability to boost your WiFi’s speed. Apart from that, it is also known to extend the range with the intention of enabling your internet connection to work faster and further. It is compatible with almost every kind of internet service provider, and thus, you don’t have to worry about the same.


Commonly, the internet service providers are always indulged in throttling your bandwidth so that you keep on paying more to them. Well, that’s not a case with the WifiBlast. It ensures that there is no throttling of your internet and also, it sees to it that you are getting the maximum bandwidth.

If it is present in your house/office, your internet providers would have no flexibility to tamper with your internet. Also, you are going to save a lot of money with no hassle. Once you have started using the WifiBlast, nothing can stop you from becoming habitual of the speedy internet signals.

What is the need for WifiBlast?

WifiBlast proffers long-lasting WLAN especially when you are busy watching your favourite shows on your TV so that your internet doesn’t get stuck in between and you don’t get disturbed in your fun time! There might be some areas with the existence of radio holes, and these are considered to be one of the reasons for interruption on the internet. WifiBlast always keeps you connected to the rest of the world with its presence by your side.

How do I know that there is a need to use WifiBlast?

According to a good number of surveys, it has been notified that more than 80 per cent of the global population using Wifi is fed up of internet throttling. They had been coming across plenty of internet throttling’s symptoms. If you are also witnessing similar symptoms, you should get WifiBlast as soon as possible. Here are some signs proving your need to purchase WifiBlast at the earliest, have a look:

  1. If some of your devices stop connecting to the WiFi.
  2. Low paced WiFi in your rooms.
  3. Dropping off your internet connection randomly.
  4. Prevalence of the dead zones at your house.
  5. Wifi networks disappearing and then appearing repeatedly.
  6. Slow video streaming on YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime etc.
  7. Slow functioning of your online video gameplay.

Benefits of WifiBlast:

WifiBlast is a commendable product, and once you start using it, you are never going to leave dissatisfied. It has got a variety of functions, and each one of them is quite significant. Before making your purchase decision, you should definitely stay aware of this device’s benefits. We have mentioned them below, have a look:

  1. There is no extra cost with the installation and usage of WifiBlast.
  2. On comparing it with the other products of a similar quantity, WifiBlast is relatively cheaper.
  3. You can use it easily. Just a bundle of steps and you are good to go.
  4. WifiBlast has got higher compatibility, and thus, it has the ability to connect with several devices.
  5. It doubles your Wifi signals’ range and distributes the same all across your house in the finest possible manner.
  6. There is no need for you to move your furniture or router to connect this device. Instead, this device just needs a power outlet. It can improve your internet’s signals wirelessly.

How to use WifiBlast?

WifiBlast is designed in a way that would provide the best internet signals and scatter them all across your house, whether big or small. This gadget has a very small size, and its shape resembles a smartphone’s charger. Also, its usage is done in a similar manner. WifiBlast serves as the best choice especially for busy families as well as various small offices. This device is very easy to use. You just have to follow a couple of steps, and you can then use the product with no issues. Do you want to know how? If yes, then have a look at these simple steps below:

  1. Plug in WifiBlast into any power outlet at your home/office. We recommend you to plug in this product in the areas where the signals stand weakest.
  2. Once done, connect the device to the router.
  3. You are all set to enjoy the best and fastest internet connection at your place, whether a house or office.

Technical facts about WifiBlast:

If you are looking forward to knowing more about the various technical facts of WifiBlast, we have showcased them below. Read below to know more:

  1. WifiBlast can be easily installed on any device, whether it’s your PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet.
  2. It supports WEP, WPA/WPA2.
  3. It has got built-in antennas which assist in the delivery of a wireless-N network. These can have a speed of up to 300 Mbps.
  4. WifiBlast can cover every hard-to-reach area in your house/office. It can let the signals penetrate through the walls and floors.
  5. There are two main modes in WifiBlast to choose from since it is a signal amplifier. These are none other than the repeater mode and AP mode.
  6. The repeater mode provides a long-length of wireless coverage. On the other hand, the AP mode is helpful when a wireless access point is prevalent.

WifiBlast vs other boosters:

If we differentiate WifiBlast from the other standard boosters present in this competitive marketplace, the major pointer would be none other than the network connectivity. Once you start using WifiBlast, you will surely experience a steady increase in your network speed. Apart from that, the majority of the users have relied on WifiBlast since it is cost-effective and whatever amount you invest in it is undoubtedly worth it!

It is easy to install, unlike other boosters which require the assistance from a professional for their installation. Even if you are beginner, it is going to be quite easy for you to install it with nobody’s help. You just have to read its easy to understand manual ad follow the instructions mentioned on it.

If you want to compare WifiBlast with other common boosters, you can also indulge in their speed test. Test the overall speed before as well as after your WifiBlast’s installation. You are surely going to note five times increase in your internet speed once you have got the best WifiBlast installed at your place.  

Where to buy WifiBlast?

Many ecommerce stores are dealing with the sale of WifiBlast such as Amazon or eBay. You can have a look at the product there, but we would recommend you to buy it from WifiBlast’s official website. If you purchase this product from the official website, you shall never be a part of any unwanted scam or fraud scenes. It is highly authentic and credible, as well.

Apart from that, the official website keeps on coming with amazing discounts and other attractive deals for the customers. The cost of the product shall be lowered down for you if you buy it in bulk, i.e. more than two products. One WifiBlast has a cost of around 49$, and if you buy two or more, the cost is going to reduce simultaneously.

Customer Reviews and Recommendations for WifiBlast:

WifiBlast has been able to satisfy a lot of consumers, and each one of them has been loading the online platforms with good reviews for the product. Apart from that, they have also given 4-5-star ratings to this product. People say that WifiBlast works in a wonderful manner, and with its easy to use a feature, they had no hassle.

All they attained was the best internet connection along with good reachability of the signals even in the dead zones. They are no longer worrying about their internet’s speed and other relatable tensions.

Others have said that the working of this device is a lot better than what all is shown by its advertisement. They were quite annoyed with the unnecessary radio holes at their place, which ultimately led to the disruption in their internet connection.

But the moment they got the WifiBlast installed in their house, they don’t feel such hassle anymore. They found the amplifier worth it, and now, everything is working up to the mark when it comes to working online.

Some game lovers who spend the majority of their days in playing some amazing video games found WifiBlast quite useful. They were fed up of the constantly breaking connection in the middle of their games. But, now with the existence of WifiBlast, they are not at all coming across such issues.

They can now play games with no pauses in between as long as they want without thinking about the unnecessary breaks in the middle. They are highly surprised by seeing the size of this product. Such a small-sized product is doing wonders, and such a feature is undoubtedly commendable.

Final Verdict:

So many functions in a single device at such an incredible price, WifiBlast has always left everyone speechless! The way it works is commendable, and you would continually love using it. If you are a working person, you shall be able to complete all your assignments within deadlines since WifiBlast shall promote your peace of mind.

Normally, you would have always expected such a useful product to stay available at high prices! But, it’s not a case with WifiBlast. Apart from that, the buyers shall also enjoy the facility of ‘free shipping’ if they buy this product from its official website.

WifiBlast is undoubtedly the finest, simple as well as an affordable way of getting the best internet signals at your place. Just in case there are any dead areas in your house, you can never expect any hindrance there also if you have this device. It’s because the WifiBlast can eliminate all such dead spots from your house with no issues.

If you want the fastest Wifi range possible, grab the best WifiBlast and gain satisfaction in no time. This whole write-up has been formulated after a whole lot of research and surveys based on this product. Thus, it is 100% genuine! You can count on it and make your decision about purchasing the most efficient WifiBlast. What are you waiting for? Grab the best deals from its official website now!

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